Get Involved

  • Campus Engagement

    The USF-SP College Democrats actively participate in campus events, discussions, and activities related to progressive causes. As a member, you can engage with like-minded students, collaborate on projects, and contribute to the political discourse on campus.

  • Guest Speakers & Workshops

    The chapter regularly organizes guest speaker events and workshops featuring local politicians, activists, and experts. These events provide unique opportunities to hear from influential voices, learn about pressing political issues, and gain insights into effective advocacy and organizing strategies.

  • Internship & Networking Opportunities

    The USF-SP College Democrats connect members with internship opportunities in local political offices, campaigns, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, the chapter facilitates networking opportunities with alumni, community leaders, and professionals in the political field, helping you build valuable connections for future career prospects.

  • Campus Involvement

    As a member, you have the opportunity to actively participate in political campaigns, both at the local and national level. This involvement may include canvassing, phone banking, voter registration drives, and other grassroots activities that contribute to the success of progressive candidates and causes.

  • Skill Building & Leadership Development

    The chapter organizes workshops and training sessions focused on skill-building and leadership development. These resources help you develop effective communication skills, organizational abilities, and campaign strategies, empowering you to become a capable advocate and leader.

  • Community & Support

    Joining the USF-SP College Democrats connects you with a supportive community of fellow students who share your passion for progressive values. You can collaborate, exchange ideas, and find support in your political endeavors, fostering meaningful friendships and connections.

  • Social Media Presence

    The USF-SP College Democrats maintain an active presence on social media platforms, providing members with real-time updates, announcements, and resources. Following the chapter's social media accounts ensures that you stay informed about events, discussions, and opportunities for engagement.